"How perfectly draining to at the same time always feel like far too much and yet never quite enough"

Don’t tell them too much about your soul. They’re waiting for just that.

—Jack Kerouac, Windblown World: The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954. (via 13neighbors)

it sits outside my window now
like and old woman going to market;
it sits and watches me,
it sweats nervously
through wire and fog and dog-bark
until suddenly
I slam the screen with a newspaper
like slapping at a fly
and you could hear the scream
over this plain city,
and then it left.

the way to end a poem
like this
is to become suddenly

—Charles Bukowski, Love & Fame & Death  (via lovely—delight)

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I love it when women love themselves.
I love it when women are learning to love themselves.
I love it when women inspire other women to love themselves.

Sunshine all the time makes a desert

Arab proverb

These simple words are so profound & thought provoking.

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